OHC Brand

Is about getting together with friends and family, Finding adventure to experience, while creating lasting memories.
A bit of mud!



Exploring new places, trying new things and meeting new people is an essential part of the OHC lifestyle. We believe that the outdoors is a never-ending source of wonder and inspiration, and we strive to help our community discover all that it has to offer. From hidden trails to undiscovered waterways and wildlife as well as meeting new people along the way, we encourage our community to seek out new adventures and make the most of every moment spent in nature. Freedom and adventure gives us something to take with us long after the day has ended. 


We believe that whether you’re trying a new activity, facing a fear, or simply stepping out of your comfort zone, encouragement to be bold and brave is a part of any outdoor adventure.  Our goal is to help every member of the OHC boost their self-confidence in all aspects of their life. It helps us grow as individuals and creates unforgettable experiences with our family and friends, both outdoors and in!


In the face of challenges and obstacles, we believe that camaraderie is key. At OHC, we encourage our community to support each other and work together as a team. We have a strong tradition of helping each other when things get tough. Whether it’s helping a fellow adventurer overcome a fear or celebrating a group victory, we believe that shared experiences build strong bonds and lasting friendships.  Our mutual support, teamwork and friendship truly make OHC special.


At OHC we love and encourage building connections and fostering a strong sense of community. We believe that outdoor adventures are best shared with others, and we strive to create a welcoming  environment where everyone feels at home. Whether old-timer or newbie, expert or novice;  we welcome you to join our community and experience the joy of outdoor exploration together. 


Above all, we believe that outdoor adventures should be fun! Whether it’s the thrill of an ATV ride, the excitement of catching your first fish, or the simple joy of spending time with family and friends, we believe that every moment spent in nature is an opportunity to create unforgettable memories and have a blast. Fun doesn’t  care about your age, skill level or ability; we make sure that every adventure ends with a smile.