Submitting Content

  1. Content must be original: Only submit content that you own or have the legal right to use.
  2. Content must be appropriate: Content must be suitable for all ages and align with the values of Oak Hill Crew. Content that is violent, offensive, discriminatory, or in poor taste will not be accepted.
  3. Acceptable format: Video submissions must be provided as a YouTube link.
  4. High-quality standards: Video submissions should be of high quality, with good lighting, audio, and clear visuals.
  5. Permission to use and edit: By submitting a video, you grant Oak Hill Crew full permission to use and edit the content in any way we see fit, without any obligation to compensate you or anyone else for its use.
  6. Consent for use: You must have explicit consent from any individuals appearing in the video, and provide any necessary release forms for their appearance in the video.
  7. User-submitted content: Users may submit names, nicknames, images, titles, website links, and descriptions of their own crew. However, Oak Hill Crew reserves the right to refuse to post any of these items if they are deemed inappropriate or do not align with the values of Oak Hill Crew.
  8. No guarantees: Purchasing a member welcome package does not guarantee that a user’s content will be posted on the website.

By having these requirements in place, you can ensure that the content you receive is appropriate, high-quality, and legally safe to use on your website. Additionally, users understand that Oak Hill Crew reserves the right to refuse to post any user-submitted content that does not align with the website’s values or policies.